LAMINATING POUCHES - PLASTIC, Non-Punched, Clear, Gloss, Pack of 100


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Introducing our quality plastic non-punched laminating pouches, the perfect solution for preserving and protecting your important documents, photos, and posters. These pouches come in a variety of sizes including A5, A4, A3 and A2, making them suitable for a range of projects. They are available in packs of 100 or 50, so you can choose the right quantity for your needs.

The glossy finish of the pouches adds a professional touch to your documents, giving them a high-end look and feel. They are compatible with most brands of laminating machines, so you can be sure they will work with the equipment you have on hand. The total thickness of the pouches is determined by the combined thickness of both leaves, ensuring a durable and long-lasting laminate. For example, our A5 150 micron pouches are made up of two 75 micron leaves.

One of the best things about these pouches is their low melt temperature, which saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also helps to keep your laminating machine running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, all corners of the pouches are rounded for safety, so you can use them with confidence knowing they are safe and secure.

In conclusion, our plastic non-punched laminating pouches are the perfect choice for anyone looking to protect and preserve their important documents and posters. Whether you're a school or office, these pouches offer high-quality, durable and versatile protection. So why wait? Order your pack today and experience the difference for yourself!

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