How to Request a Quote

This website is a tool to help prospective customers outside of the UK browse our products and generate an enquiry. We send this enquiry to an ESPO International distributor local to your country, who will provide you with a final quotation. If you’re happy with that, read on!

Use the menu on the left hand side to browse our wide range of products, including exercise books, SEN resources, and the latest innovative UK curriculum products. Don’t worry about the listed prices at this stage as these are just for guidance.

From each product page, choose the quantity you require, and press “Add to quote”. You can then choose to continue shopping, or to view your quote list.

At any time, press “View my Quote List” in the top right hand corner to view your full quote list. From here you can remove items, or change quantities.

Once you’re happy with your list, simply complete the form with your details and press “Submit request for quote”. There is no charge for submitting a quote request.

ESPO will receive your message and forward this on to our distributor in your local country. The distributor will contact you directly to provide you with a final quotation for the items you have selected, including delivery charges and taxes as required.

The distributor will let you know how to place your order and make payment. Once your order has been placed, the distributor will arrange the shipping of the goods from ESPO’s warehouse in the UK through to your local country, and finally delivery to you.

Please note that this website acts only as a tool to help prospective customers outside of the UK to browse our products and generate an enquiry to your local distributor. Your purchase (including contractual details such as pricing, delivery, and return conditions) is directly with ESPO International’s distributor in your country, and not ESPO International itself. For full details please see our Terms and Conditions page.