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This range of high quality kitchen knives are colour coded for easy identification and feature a premium stainless steel blade and moulded plastic handle.

Each knife is compliant with HACCP.

Colour coding:
Red: Raw meats
Blue: Raw fish
Green: Salad/fruit products
Yellow: Cooked meats
Brown: Vegetables
White: Bakery/dairy products

Size options:
40673 - Vegetable/Paring knife, 100mm blade, brown handle
40495 - Vegetable/Paring knife, 100mm blade, green handle
40703 - Filleting knife, 150mm blade, blue handle
40371 - Boning knife, 150mm blade, red handle
40398 - Cook's knife, 160mm blade, green handle
40401 - Cook's knife, 160mm blade, yellow handle
40436 - Cook's knife, 210mm blade, brown handle
40428 - Cook's knife, 210mm blade, red handle
40460 - Cook's knife, 250mm blade, white handle
40452 - Cook's knife, 250mm blade, yellow handle
187151 - Cook's knife, 250mm blade, red handle
40649 - Slicing knife, 300mm blade, yellow handle, wavy edge

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