ENVELOPES (WITH WINDOW), C5 (229 x 162mm), Box of, 500


ESPO International

Normal price £16.50

Prices ave not available through this website. After you request a quote, your local distributor will send you a quotation in your local currency.

These should be used within 4 months due to the Latex adhesive which deteriorates with age. Boxes left open in an office environment or near a heat source may cause the latex adhesive to dry out.

C4 - all come in boxes of 250. Manilla and white are both available.

We can now print most of the envelopes featured in our comprehensive range. Your design can include your return address and organisation's logo or message.

We can print your outgoing mail and return envelopes to help you get a better response.
Why not ask us for a quotation for printing envelopes with up to 4 colours by calling us today on 0116 294 4100.

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