SMARTBUY, HAND TOWELS, Blue, 1 Ply, Case of 5000 Sheets



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Introducing the Smartbuy Paper Hand Towels, the perfect solution for your school or public washroom needs. These towels are made from recycled green and blue dyed fibers, ensuring both quality and sustainability in one. With a generous sheet size of 250 x 200mm and 1 ply strength, these towels are perfect for quick and effective hand drying.

Each sleeve contains 250 sheets and with 20 sleeves in a case, you can be sure that you'll have an ample supply of towels to keep your washroom clean and hygienic. And with a total of 5000 sheets in each case, you'll save time and money by reducing the frequency of restocking.

Smartbuy Paper Hand Towels are designed to offer both quality and affordability. So, whether you're looking to keep your school or public washroom well-stocked, you can rest assured that these towels will provide the ideal balance of performance and value. Plus, bulk purchase discounts are available to help you save even more.

  • 100%-Recycled
  • Catering White Goods Hygiene & Cleaning
  • Hand Towels
  • Hygiene
  • Low-polluting
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