MARKERS, DRYWIPE WHITEBOARD, BULLET TIP, 8 Assorted Colours, Class Pack of, 50


ESPO International

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Black, green, red and blue are all available in a pack of 10.

Black is also available in a pack of 50 should you require a larger pack.

A class pack of 50 is also available including 8 assorted colours. The pack contains 10 each of black and blue, 5 each of red, green, yellow, orange, brown and violet.

A class pack of 60 is also available which includes refills. The pack contains 20 x black, 20 x blue, 10 x red, 10 x green boardmarkers plus 6 BTK25 refills (2 x black, 2 x blue, 1 x red and 1 x green) in a Gratnells tray.

. The writing is dry-wipeable from virtually all non-porous surfaces such as enamel and melamine
. The round nib has a stroke width of 1. 5-3 mm
. Thanks to the cap-off technology, the cap can be left off for several days without the product drying out (test climate according to ISO 554)
. The whiteboard marker ink is lightfast and quick-drying
. Refillable in the colours black, red, blue and green with edding BTK 25 refill service
. Suitable spare nibs (edding 28/360 spare nibs) are available

  • Markers
  • Reusable
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  • Writing Instruments