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This item is part of the ESPO Smartbuy range of best buying solutions for schools. A large, high quality cookery start set that is ideal for use in food technology classes.

Each set comprises of over 50 pieces of cookery equipment including:
2 x Fruit Ballers
2 x Pastry Brushes
4 x Rectangular Stainless Steel Graters, 200mm
2 x Black Paring Knives, 80mm
4 x Chopping Boards, 350 x 250mm
2 x sets of Fluted Pastry Cutters
2 x sets of Plain Pastry Cutters
1 x Salter Diet Scales, 1000 x 25g
1 x Peeler, Fixed Lancashire Type
2 x Plastic Measuring Jugs, 1. 1 litre
2 x Wooden Rolling Pins, 400mm
2 x Sets of Measuring Spoons, Plastic
4 x Plastic Bowls, 4 litre
4 x Wooden Spoons, 250mm
2 x Cooling Racks, 410 x 250mm
2 x Non-stick Baking Sheets, 318 x 305 x 21mm
2 x Non-stick 12 Cup Bun Tins
Wire Mesh Strainer, 150mm diameter
Black Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid, 180mm diameter
Black Handled Kitchen Scissors
2 x Spatulas
4 x Whisks
1 x Kitchen Timer
1 x Pair of Oven Gloves

The set also includes a large plastic box which make it easy to store and transport.

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