POLYCARBONATE WARE, ANTI-BACTERIAL, Jug Set, Jug Only, 1.1 litres, Each


ESPO International

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Clear. Perfect for use in hospitals, schools, nurseries, nursing and care homes, etc, where those vulnerable to infection may need extra care. This range is effective against common organisms such as E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Campilobacteria as well as the hospital superbugs MRSA and C.difficile. The anti-bacterial properties remain effective even if scratched. Has all the usual benefits of polycarbonate: dishwasher safe, break resistant, etc. Polycarbonate ware will not chip, splinter or shatter and is highly stain resistant. Microwave safe for reheating food, extremely durable and 100% recyclable. Dishwasher safe, provided the dishwasher is operating at the correct temperature (max. 90 DegreesC) and that the detergent is compatible with polycarbonate (this is noted on the detergent pack). Compliant with EU 10/2011.

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