GLUE STICKS, PRITT FUN COLORS 10G, Pack of, 24 x 10g sticks



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This multipack from Pritt contains 24 x 10g Fun Colours Glue Sticks, giving you everything you need for unlimited creativity and making it even better value for money. The Pritt Glue Stick contains 96% natural ingredients (including water), is solvent-free, PVC-free and certified to comply with stringent EU child safety legislation. The Fun Colour Sticks allow crafters to see where the product is being applied, making it easier to be more concise with the application and the ideal choice for the visually impaired.

Pritt Glue Stick is a popular and highly trusted adhesive product that has been used and most importantly loved by students, teachers, and professionals for decades. Thanks to the low water content, the glue stick is highly efficient and long-lasting, making them ideal for all your projects!

Why Choose Pritt?
The Fun Colours Glue Sticks apply and dry coloured, providing a fun background colour for your crafting and collage projects! Available in green, orange, blue and purple. They are also made from 96% natural ingredients*, can be washed out at 20°C, and thanks to the special airtight cap and tube system, the glue sticks remain fresh and can be used for a long time without drying out.

Top Tips
Accidently got glue on your clothes? Don’t worry - it can be easily washed at 20°C!
Use your Pritt Glue Stick to create a scrapbook, collage or one of Pritt’s crafting activities!

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