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The Casio FX83GT CW Scientific Calculator is a popular tool used by students, professionals, and mathematicians. It is a versatile calculator that is designed to perform a wide range of mathematical functions, making it an essential tool for those in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics.

One of the standout features of the Casio FX83GT CW is its two-line display. This allows users to view both the calculation and the answer simultaneously, which makes it easier to check calculations for accuracy. The calculator can handle up to 260 functions, including logarithmic, trigonometric, and exponential functions, and it can perform complex calculations with ease.

The Casio FX83GT CW also has a number of convenient features that make it a user-friendly device. It has a hard case that protects it from damage and makes it easy to transport, as well as a large, clear keypad that allows users to input calculations quickly and accurately. Additionally, the calculator has a "natural textbook display" feature, which displays mathematical equations and symbols just as they would appear in a textbook.

Another great feature of the Casio FX83GT CW is its ability to handle fractions, which can be a challenging concept for many students. The calculator can add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions with ease, as well as convert them to decimals or mixed numbers.

The Casio FX83GT CW Scientific Calculator is a reliable and versatile tool for anyone who needs to perform complex mathematical calculations. Its user-friendly design and extensive range of functions make it an ideal choice for students, professionals, and mathematicians alike.

Uses battery LR44 x 1 (ESPO Code: 52650).

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