PRITT GLUE-IT ADHESIVE ROLLER, Cassette Applicator, Each



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Pritt Compact Glue Roller 16m Refill: For use with the Pritt Glue Roller, this permanent refill cartridge is easy to insert into your roller for long lasting use. For permanent adhesion, this pack contains 1 refill measuring 8. 4mm x 16m.

Pritt Refillable Glue Roller Permanent: The wind-up mechanism has a tightening screw to help ensure that your roller does not slack or accidentally loop. Mess free gluing - Insert permanent refill cartridge into roller for clean and precise application. Permanent adhesion - Long lasting strong bonds.

Why Choose Pritt?
The refill for the Pritt Glue Roller is easy to insert in the device. The refillable glue roller helps make crafts look effortlessly perfect. The clean and precise application is ideal for creators who want their crafts and projects to look seamless. This product can be used on various materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, synthetic material and photos. Keeping in line with Pritt's sustainability efforts, this product is made of 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.

Top Tips
Use your Pritt Refillable Glue Roller Permanent to create a scrapbook, collage or one of Pritt’s crafting activities!

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