SHELVING, Shelf Support Bookends (for Wooden Shelves), 254 x 157mm (dxh), Pair


ESPO International

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Pair is one right hand and one left. For wooden shelves, please see Timber Contract 185 Dealing Direct. White powder coated heavy gauge mild steel. Designed for heavy duty storage and display. Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, libraries and institutions. Easy to install and can be extended or adjusted as required without the need for special tools. A safety protection feature prevents the bracket and shelf being accidentally dislodged while in use. The strength of the installation is dependent on the strength of fixings. It is the installer's responsibility to ensure the strength and suitability of the fixings and that the substrate material is adequate. Fixing centres between uprights: where standard steel shelves (ESPO codes 74179 and 74187) are used, the centres between uprights are 1000mm. When using timber/MDF, the thickness of the material will determine suitable centres. As a general guide, 600mm centres could be the maximum where a material of 20mm thickness or above is used. No more than half of the shelf width should overhang when using MDF. Wooden shelves available on Timber Contract 185 Dealing Direct.

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