DISPOSABLE EXAMINATION GLOVES, Latex, Pre-Powdered, White, Small, Box of 100


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Low protein. Strong and stretchy. Provides a sensitive feel with excellent dexterity. Conform to EN455: 1,2,3,4. Medical Grade (Fully CE Approved). LATEX ALLERGY INFORMATION Allergic reactions from exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL) have increased significantly over the last 10 years, particularly within Healthcare occupations. The protein naturally present in NRL causes allergies either through direct contact with skin or by inhalation of powder from powdered latex gloves. The HSE advises that where possible latex gloves should be replaced with a non-latex alternative, but single use disposable NRL may be used where risk assessment has identified them as necessary. When they are used they must be low protein and powder free. For more information, please visit the HSE website www.hse.gov.uk/skin/employ/latex.htm.

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